Community Support

The Heart & Hand Center has strong support from the community it serves.  Please take a moment to read the following two letters, to see what our supporters have to say about our program.


A letter of  support, written by the grandmother of two of our Center participants:


I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Heart and Hand Center.  Miss Terri, the volunteers, and Center staff have made a world of difference in the lives of my grandchildren, A’Lishaun and Jerzell (aka: Dr. Love).

I was introduced to Heart and Hand a few years ago when my grandchildren started going there for after school care.  I was like most working parents/grandparents, just wanted to run in, grab the kids, run out.  But after a while, I began to take notice to just what was happening with the children at Heart and Hand, and more so, the caring of the Heart and Hand staff expressed  to the children and parents.

They invest time in getting to know the children personally, they know their likes and they also know the areas of concern for each child.  My grandson is known as “Dr. Love” at Heart and Hand.  We were having some concerns when it came to him completing his homework and reading assignments.   Once he started being known as “Dr. Love”, I noticed that I wasn’t having as hard a time getting him to complete his homework and reading assignments.  He became encouraged by the name, and how everyone called him by that name – even at home – especially when we talked about doing homework.  He even began to tell me that he had to get his homework done because he had a goal to reach.  The benefits of doing homework were emphasized to our Dr. Love at home and at school and he was rewarded at the end of the school year by one of his teachers for his improvement in his classroom participation and grade improvement.  My grandson has stated that he intends to become what we call him, a medical doctor. 

My granddaughter is quite the social butterfly at Heart and Hand, and is known by everyone.  She loves going to Heart and Hand.  She has made some very valuable friendships at Heart and Hand, and I know that she has left an impression on everyone she has come in contact with.  My granddaughter has a dream of one day being a famous singer – but I think she is famous already because of her involvement with Heart and Hand.  She is asked to perform at Heart and Hand’s special events, and believe me, just seeing her excitement at the opportunity to perform is really a joy for us at home.  Miss Nia, one of the volunteers, made quite an impression on my granddaughter, and even though she is no longer with Heart and Hand Center, every word of encouragement has been remembered by A’Lishaun.  Miss Nia has since gone on to continue her education, but she keeps in contact with A’Lishaun. 

Heart and Hand Center is more than an after school care place to send your kids.  They are a center that is composed of families from several different backgrounds that have come together and formed one big family.  They provide a positive, loving atmosphere for all of the children there, and it is obvious that the children love them.

Heart and Hand Center deserves all of the help they can receive.  They have paid it forward time after time and have left some very lasting marks on the lives of all that have had the opportunity to be blessed by the services they provide.  The “hearts” of all the staff help my grandchildren to see themselves as persons that will succeed and their “hands” continue to show my grandchildren more positive alternatives which benefit not only them; but the community they live in.

I say, once again, a heartfelt Thank You to Heart and Hand Center and want to express my gratitude to Miss Terri and staff (only because I don’t know everyone’s name).  You have made a pleasant difference in our lives.

Karen Jones
Grandmother to A’Lishaun (the singer) Kirkendall-Jones, and Jerzell (Dr. Love) Love


A letter of support, written by the Principal of a local school whose students attend the Heart & Hand Center:


Our students have attended Heart and Hand after school for several years now.  The children love to go to this program.  Parents appreciate the support and care Heart and Hand provides.  Our teachers feel very strongly that the children who go there have excellent support.

Due to this history of quality care and supervision, I have requested that Heart and Hand take over my existing after school program in order to provide the children with easier access to their program.  The administration of Heart and Hand has been great to work with in this endeavor, and we are all excited about this change for the fall.

As an administrator with a number of years of experience managing programs that included after school care, I can say that I have never seen a more supportive and caring group than Heart and Hand.  They bring students from their site to our school for after-school events, and they are strongly engaged in the Gilpin community. 

I hope that Heart and Hand can continue to receive the financial support they deserve as they provide for the needs of children in our community.


Frank Vincent