The Heart & Hand Center depends heavily on our base of highly dedicated volunteers. Without the support of these devoted individuals, we would not be able to touch the lives so many children in need.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Heart & Hand Center utilizes volunteers in a multitude of capacities.  Volunteer opportunities range from working directly with the children to assisting in fundraising efforts, and everything in between.  Please look over our volunteer opportunities to gauge the best fit for you.

Center Volunteers:
Center volunteers directly impact the lives of Heart & Hand supported youth. They help the kids with their homework, tutor them, supervise activities, host workshops, conduct art-mentoring programs, and act as positive role models. Heart and Hand Center volunteers contribute an average of two to six hours per week with the children, and create close bonds with the children.

Off-Site Program Volunteers:
Our off-site volunteers commit approximately an hour per week to work with the children.  These volunteers engage Denver’s homeless and underprivileged youth in art mentoring programs. These creative sessions are therapeutic for the kids, who are often growing up in a very chaotic atmosphere, to express the things they are feeling and dealing with in their lives.  It is also a time for them to relax, have fun and be children.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:
The Heart & Hand Center also has opportunities that allow for a more flexible time commitment.  These include things like: hosting an art drive, hosting a fundraiser, offering administrative support, providing occasional I.T. support, donating graphic design talents, and any other way in which you feel you can contribute.  We are always looking for excited and talented individuals, and love finding new ways to get people involved with our organization.

Become A Heart & Hand Center Volunteer

In order to become a volunteer, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete a New Volunteer Questionnaire
  2. Email these completed forms to the Program Director, Sally Vizas, at sallyvizas@heartandhandcenter.org
  3. Set up an appointment to meet with the Program Director to further discuss our program, volunteer options, and to sign up for a volunteer training session.

Volunteer of the Month 

This month, the Heart & Hand Center would like to recognize Marissa as our Featured Team Member.

Marissa is a Tucson native and currently a freshman attending Regis University. As a participant of the EnRoute program, Marissa gets partial credit by volunteering her time at a local organization.

Marissa began working with the Heart & Hand Center’s 3rd-5th grade program in September, and has forged lasting relationships with many of our students. She attributes her ease in working with youth to their ability to brighten anyone’s day and to have fun.

Marissa’s hobbies include: reading, watching movies and hanging out with friends. When asked why she enjoys Heart & Hand, Marissa said she appreciates the strong relationships staff have with students, and the family atmosphere. Marissa facilitates a 3rd grade reading group as well as co-leads groups when needed. Marissa is loved by students and staff; she is always willing to jump in and help.

Thank you, Marissa. We appreciate all you do for Heart & Hand youth!


Important Dates:

September 5, 2017: H&H Center’s school year program begins